our story / We’ve found that more than one reason kicks off the idea to create something, from the seed that was sown sometime ago. It has now been fed, watered, possibly given extra nourishment for growth and suddenly becomes an idea beyond this planted seed, into a reality that is tangible and growing well.

This is true of how SO ACTIVE was formed in 2010 and also the work we do with clients and partners. It’s about where we’re at now and where we’re heading to. We sail with a north star vision ahead of us, led by a captain and amongst a flotilla.

In our journey, we intend on being successful. In our pockets, we carry a quarter of sweets. In us, there is passion, commitment, drive and an unerring standard.

We see things differently, deliver the idea and achieve positive impact. This is our story and we’re pleased it involves great clients, delivery partners and people.


north star vision / Delivering inspiring and engaging projects, thought up without boundaries, by any person who wants to help people with their mental, emotional and physical health, so they feel energised to do more.

core values /


See things differently, challenge, provoke thought, break barriers and strive for better


Deliver awe inspiring occasions that people remember for positive reasons


Encouraging people to realise their full potential


Creating strength, bonds, friendships and togetherness.

social mission / SO ACTIVE’s Social Mission is to be a prominent delivery partner for businesses, NHS, local authorities and charities; helping people in the community with their mental, physical and emotional health; delivering projects that create a feeling of enjoyment, benefit, positive reflection and a desire to do more.


people / We encourage a mix of people; in terms of skill, personality, backgrounds and interests. Difference is great and sometimes compromising, yet it enables us to produce work that achieves a positive impact. Additional to this, are all the people involved with each project and specialist in their knowledge; whether consumers, clients or delivery partners. It is the combination of such people that make success and we fully harness everyone’s involvement.

Simon Brown

Tony Allen

Louise Jukes

Lea Kitson

Peter Bonham-Christie

Dan Seago

Account Manager



communications / Our aim is to communicate a message that is meaningful and generates a scoped outcome. This is always our underlying objective, whether the communication is internal, stakeholder focussed, sector specific, mainstream press & media or wider community and public.

The message and channel used is dependent on the audience, we dig deep, forage and unearth really insightful understandings that give the communication its strength and success to engage the audience.

Focussing on the journey, experiences and actions people take before, during and after the communication touchpoint is integrated into everything we do.


12 – 17 & 18-25 YEAR OLDS / Life is tough for many. For people in this age range, it is often tougher and at the point when so much is determined, without their involvement or influence.

Managing now and preparing/evolving for the future is an absolute must for us all and with young people, as it is they who will be the future, they should be engaged with and supported now.

We work with a range of brands, FMCGs and public sector bodies, engaging, asking, interacting and communicating with 12 – 17 & 18 – 25 year olds, reporting back on our findings for use in client/partner strategies.

Hard to reach, mainstream, disadvantaged, privileged. Our reach and relationships includes everyone.


NHS PARTNERSHIP / The working relationship has grown from strength to strength, involving Clinical Commissioning Groups, Foundation Trusts and Central Government Departments for planning, policies and delivery of services with a core focus of, putting patients first.

Being 100% independent, we are able to use our position in partnership with great effectiveness, for the NHS and Patients.

Along this path, we engage with stakeholders and deliver partners, appreciating and understanding the many valuable resources and points of expertise available for use. In our mind, let’s use it.


employee engagement & PERFORMANCE/ With information of engaged employees performing 22% better than their counterparts and 87% less likely to leave an organisation, for us it seems worthwhile to create employee engagement. Whether it achieves improved performance or reduced staff turnover, the bottom line is positively impacted.


employees work with passion and feel a profound connection with their organisation, team members and goals.

Not Engaged:

employees are checked-out and put neither energy nor drive into their work. They get through the day doing what they need to do to stay employed.

Actively Disengaged:

employees undermine the efforts of engaged employees and spread their misery to everyone.

The challenge faced is to achieve ‘engaged’ and that requires multiple actions, ongoing. People are different, we change and evolve, so should the employee engagement.


corporate social responsibility / Value. Impact. Social and Community Investment. There are various ways people, organisations, trusts and businesses can involve themselves through corporate social responsibility.

One answer must be clear from the outset though: why are you doing it?

Knowing what is to be achieved and the reasons behind this will lead the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Our work is to help determine, implement, evaluate, report and recommend for a rolling delivery of the CSR strategy, which itself may well evolve over time, in response to the answer.



better together - staff & community engagement / It was at a public meeting where we spoke of a project for 12 – 25 year olds to the NHS, when our reach into and with communities struck a chord, coupled with our passion for positive employee morale.

The outcome, an invite to pitch an idea that could be used at a staff away day for 160 people that created engagement at the event and related to the new patient strategy.

We unearthed gems of information about employees, patients, the strategy and created our idea.

Our idea and the day proved a success, so much that we were commissioned to run a 6 month staff & community engagement project. With fantastic results and impact achieved, another 6 months and 3 away days later, our work continues.


young people / Our work with young people has continued to increase; initially focussing on sport and leisure, then our ‘Carlsberg Effect’ project based around alcohol and young people / young adults; mental and emotional health – this has become a core area of our work, paying attention to everyday life issues and engaging with them to ‘boom’ their voice; through to our more recent work around developing life skills for employability.

Listening, taking notice and action has brought us a reputation and ability to really engage young people; the offer of pizza or a MaccyDs does help, but we believe in them, their opinion and successfully help communicate this. Placing young people at the centre of our work and creation of projects whereby they are the intended recipients is one of the key factors for success.

Brands, New Product Development Trials, Experiential, Digital Platforms and Media, Discussion Groups, Ideas or Project and Campaigns that deliver direct support, we work privately for some clients and partners, plus openly and public engagement with others. What’s key, is that we have the reach and relationships.


inspiring experiences / The desire is to create moments that last with people for time to come and give a boost to them in their future intentions or actions. These moments become: Inspiring Experiences.

It is a brand we’ve created in its own right and has a vision for creating improved employee engagement and performance, bringing communities together, helping charities fundraise and igniting that flickering spark in people to relight their self-drive and motivation, so they feel energised to do more.

tell us what inspires you?


handball / It’s the most popular sport, in terms of uptake, since 2012 Olympic. But sports is competitive and bizarrely there is a decline in the overall participation of sports. We’re tasked with supporting the England Handball Association (EHA) grow participation.

There are targets EHA wish to achieve and plans are on track for them to be reached: coaches are being developed, new clubs starting and awareness is increasing. We’re delivering on our partnership strategy and building up to key events taking place around the country.


if employed / Spinning out of our work with young people were regular comments on employment and the difficulties they face with minimal experience. We researched with students, graduates, people who are NEET, in part time and full time employment and employers.

Outcomes from this were extremely insightful and created an opportunity for us to launch pilot projects with local employers and partner organisations, including Jimmy’s Farm, focussing on developing people’s life skills to improve their employability.

These pilot projects provided successful and a new flagship brand, if employed, launched using real industry experience and sport/leisure activities to support 16 - .65 year olds develop their skills for: communication, people skills, time management, money and finance, travel, diet and nutrition, confidence, digital technology through to people understanding their own personal profile and characteristics.



social impact / For business, organisations, employees and society. Measured, evaluated, reported and with a proposal for the next stage(s) to achieve more.

All our work is planned from the outset to deliver Impact and ROI. It is an absolute must they are defined, achievable and consistently reviewed as the strategy or plan is formed to ensure the outputs lead to outcomes.

We liaise with clients, partners, consumers, suppliers and you to determine achievable Impact & ROI, then deliver it.



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